How to send the best nude selfie

Sexting is the 21st century’s form of flirting. From a simple sexy text or email message, steamy chat exchanges or an erotic photo, sexting is now a norm widely accepted by both sexes of any age group. Nowadays, sexting became more enticing through taking and sharing nude selfies.

Men and women approach nude selfies differently: men tend to be straight-forward and clear on their end game – therefore, “the dick pic.”

For women though there are 2 emerging styles on this. First, “take a photo of my junk pic” for the bold woman who isn’t afraid to share her vagina to the world. Some women condone this as it screams pornography. Secondly, “Be gentle, I’m a lady” are for women that although engages in sexual activities but are still big on romance and seduction.

The 1st kind is pretty direct so not much can be said about that but for the 2nd kind here’s a list of things to watch out for when taking a nude selfie.

Keep it discreet. Everyone loves a mystery. So rather than going full frontal, for the woman who’s still a little shy with sexting a nude selfie, an alluring photo of certain body parts can go a long way.

Highlight your best assets. If you have voluminous lips, put on a blood red lipstick and send him a pic of your pout. If you have a pair of great boobs, why not send a photo of your bust peeking out of a lacy bra or send a suggestive photo of you wearing a wet shirt with hardened nipples. Think Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated.

For those in relationships, do it spontaneously and in succession. Why not send him a piece by piece photo series for a day, on a work day. Or a week-long series where photos sent get racier by the day. Distract him, make him squirm with eagerness to get home.

Practice, practice, practice Coming up with the best nude selfie, like anything else in life takes practice. Angles, filters, and your girlfriends play a role here.

Find your angles. Let’s face it, everyone at some point did just that when posting regular selfies. Practicing in front of the mirror has been acceptable to ensure the best possible selfie. The use of tripods or monopods has also helped in highlighting angles. The same rules apply to nude selfies. Practice and tools will help give you the confidence to send one.

If still unsure, send your photo to trusted friends for an appraisal. A sincere second opinion and support of friends gives the much needed bravado in sending one.

Set the mood and make it sexy. In any romantic tryst, the mood plays a huge part. Creating the right atmosphere plays right into the art of seduction.

Think sexy and then wear that. Wear what makes you feel attractive so that’s the message your recipient will be getting. For those in relationships, wear what your partner thinks is sexy. If he likes role-play, why not send him a photo of you in a sexy teacher outfit.

Lighting. Set the mood by creating the best photo atmosphere. Too bright is harsh and too dark is, well, dark. Perhaps turning on a night light

Location, location. We don’t necessarily associate the word sexy with toilet. But if a bathroom nude selfie needs to be taken, do it in the shower or in the tub. If you also need to show your bedroom, rumple your bedspread in a sexy way. But most important of all, tidy that shit out.

No to cloud. Most mobile phones have free cloud-storage given that has an auto-update feature that users may have unknowingly activated. There are third-party apps that also are used to snapping photos and leaves them in their servers. Before sending a nude selfie, make sure to stop your phones from backing up to cloud so that when its deleted, it is deleted. IOS and Android has pretty straightforward steps to follow in their Settings page but users might need to spend more time to check and review third-party apps individual settings.

Only if it’s OK to you. Don’t be pressured to do one. Make sure, you’re sending only if you think it is morally OK for you and you’re comfortable to do it. Better yet, make sure that this person is someone that you can trust. It is also an idea to crop out your face so that if ever your photo comes out it wouldn’t be automatically identified.

After carefully crafting the perfect nude selfie, there’s a number of sites that you can use to share it. Snapchat and Wickr are two of the most popular because of their self-destruct feature. Sent photos will be automatically destroyed after the identified destruction time. For Snapchat viewing can be limited from 1 – 10 seconds of opening the message while for Wickr, offers more destruction time selections. Theres also Kik which is popular as you can talk with anyone around the world and not share any phone numbers. It’s a good read with lots of useful information.

Ultimately, sexting is an empowering exercise. Sending out nude selfies are one of the bolder expressions of sexuality propagated by today’s instant communication activities. If you’re looking for naked teens you can use apps like Nude Teens which verifies each profile. Care and caution still needs to be taken when sharing teen nudes to the world wide web. Accountability and responsibility still lies on the person or persons involved in it.

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Best Dating Website

As people, we have a fundamental need to connect. Relationship building as an exercise is deeply ingrained in us and started as early as the day we looked into our mother’s eyes. Making connections though is not as easy as that. Finding similar minded individuals, breaking down personal barriers and maintaining connections require sincere effort. But such effort is somewhat lost in the fast moving world that we live in today.

Social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace and Google+ rode that wave though, emerged and enabled making connections faster and accessible. Relationship building is no longer limited to meeting someone in person or interacting with them in various social occasions. But we now have the option to start and build relationships with only virtual interactions. As common as an email, a daily web or video chat keeps each party updated of daily or even hourly on-goings.

The same can be said for finding “The One”, “Mr. / Ms. Right” or even “Mr./Ms. Right Now.”. Dating has always been daunting. Even more so for those with hectic schedules, are new in the area or just plain picky. The growth of social networking sites brought out the rise of online dating websites as a channel to build romantic relationships from either an overnight tryst or a potential long term partner. Online dating websites allowed for the challenge of the search to be tolerable and at times fun. It started out from OKCupid to the now well-known Tinder that highlights other users within your proximity and allows you to select with a flick of your finger. Theirs also niche dating sites like Mature Tube Dates with his the #1 app for mature sex and mature nudes. They say that if you do the free signup you’ll chat with mature women and get mature pussy from local matures. Its worth to check out if youre into mature women. If not, there are an abundance of other dating apps for specific niches.

The fun ended though when the online dating websites mushroomed and users became overwhelmed by the sheer volume of dating websites out there. If the problem before was that users are hesitant to try online dating because of the fear of meeting creeps online, these days, the challenge lies on the broad variety of online dating websites.

Options are good. They always are. But if flooded with too much choices, all of them exciting and enticing in their own way, it makes choosing the best online dating website to participate in, frustrating. As a result, online dating, instead of being a salvation, becomes a task.

To help in deciding, which is best suited for you, if you do decide to join one, look into these questions you should be asking yourself before you do:


 Should I pay to subscribe?

Most dating websites are free during sign-up and subscriber viewing is also available with basic subscription. There are certain fees though if the subscriber wants to avail of other features such as instant messaging, private browsing for OKCupid and spotlighting your profile for There are other features available with a premium subscription and most of them are directed at making online dating as simple and streamlined as possible. If you decide to subscribe, it is best to also look at cancellation policies attached to it. Who wants to be stuck with a subscription that doesn’t give you what you need? Be sure to read the fine print.

Is my profile secure?

Dating websites sign-up questionnaires vary in length and the amount of information they require. Basic profile questions though include information such as age, gender, and location. Some dating websites such as XYZ, ask more detailed and specific questions to allow matching algorithms they’ve set to find the most viable match based on the information you’ve entered. By and large, subscribers have the option to share as little or as much as they want. Ideally though for the website to do the best matching, it is ideal to be as forthcoming as you can. If concerned with your data security, there are profile settings that you can set so you take control of who view your profile. In any case, the amount of information you share is still in your control.

Do I choose a match or are possibilities matched for me?

The selection process in online dating websites fall in a very broad spectrum. In one end, there are websites like that gives the users free-hand to identify from physical to value-based attributes to run searches and find their ideal partner. These sites allow their users to sift thru potential partners from there subscriber base. On the other end, there are websites that provide potential matches based on responses on key questions raised at the beginning of their subscription. These websites were designed to learn about you and your preferences to streamline the dating experience.

In the end though, it boils down to how much control a user wants to have over their pairing.

Are commitments required?

Whether a user is looking for their future wife, fun-times with similar minded individuals or a no-strings attached partner, there are websites that would cater to your particular need. Tinder and iHookup are one of such sites that open channels for passionate individuals to find commitment-free romance. While, eHarmony focuses more on the best potential mate for long term engagements. Online dating though, like dating, should be just that, dating. An act of engaging other individuals in an exercise of … which can either lead to a meaning relationship or an overnight romance.

What common features do they have?

Generally, most dating websites offer profile viewing and other communication options. Some offer basic messaging while others with a fee, offer live web, and video chats. Some even hold user get-togethers and speed dating to facilitate the matching process.

Those are but few of the questions one should be asking when they’re looking for the perfect online dating website for them. At the end of the day, its the user, their priorities, needs and preferences that will help determine the best one for them.

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Best Porn Tube Website

The internet is a broad and powerful medium for transferring information. People who are adept in using it can search for almost all of the information gathered throughout the history of the human race. A person can use the internet to learn about history, science, current events and many more but the majority use it to search for entertainment.

People use the internet to watch their favourite series, stream movies, read books and comics, and many more. Why do people use something as powerful as the internet for, relatively speaking, mundane reasons? A tool that can provide you with information and knowledge is being used to browse pictures of cats. Why is it so? The answer is the beauty of the internet: it gives you the freedom to do what you want.

When you are online, you are not limited to only doing one particular task. You can have a research paper open in one tab while playing a YouTube video on another while being online in Facebook in yet another one. The internet allows us to multitask among everything we want and that is what makes it beautiful.


The freedom granted to us by the internet means that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to what society thinks is appropriate. We are not judged regarding what we search for online and that brings us to our topic. Away from the judgemental eyes of society and people in general, we can also satisfy our more carnal desires through the wonders of internet pornography.

There many sites that cater to the satisfaction of a person’s sexual desires. These ‘porn sites’ can have pictures, interactive games or, most popularly, videos. Sites that offer pornography are also not limited to only one particular genre. With the success of the porn industry all over the world and with the billions of dollar of revenue that it produces each year, the porn industry now produces movies for almost all known fetishes in the world.

To each their own,” as they say and in regards to internet porn, there is most probably something for everyone. This then creates a plethora of websites to choose from where you can watch these pornos. Although their core function (to stream pornographic videos) is the same, there are also different factors that you can take into account to determine which site is the most suitable one for you.

Some of these factors are the amount of content, the variety, the frequency of updates, the speed of the video player, and many more. After being made aware of these contributing factors, it is now easy to determine which porn site is the ‘best,’ relatively speaking.

The first porn site we will review is PornHub. It is one of the most visited porn sites in the world, which boasts of over 20,000 distinct videos. The site itself is designed with good web functionality and their large collection is well organized into 54 different categories. Their site is not plagued with bugs and consecutive pop-up windows and advertisements, guaranteeing a pleasant viewing experience.

Their regular videos are of adequate quality, with their HD videos reserved for members. Overall, PornHub is a reliable website which offers a wide variety of videos for its users. One drawback though is their lack of a mobile supported site.

Next on the list is SpankBang a similar website to PornHub due to its stable availability, large number of videos and its well-categorized collection. Their user interface is easy to navigate, same as with PornHub. However, their edge against the former is that they have a mobile supported site. With the age we live in today in which mobile devices are becoming more capable and convenient, having a mobile supported website is a must. It may even be a deciding factor when you are choosing a site to offer you release.

These are only a few examples of porn sites that are a cut above the rest. There are plenty more of them such as YouJizz, SpankWire and free sexting app which is the best place for sex chat. These sites are mostly similar with only minor differences and mostly negligible issues.

We shouldn’t be disheartened by the fact that there are plenty of porn sites that remain unknown to us. Our main concern is to find one that works, offers the things we want, and also does it in a reasonable amount of time. Internet pornography is a wonderful thing that can be seen in many places scattered across the internet and it is up to us where to find them.